Quinoa Porridge

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

It's good to be home. I don't just mean my physical home in little old England. I mean home as in this here blog. It's been an unbelievably long time since I've posted on here. My excuse? I was out of the country. Why didn't I blog whilst I was away you might ask. Well I did, just not on here. I also didn't want to post poor quality pictures and I was only able to upload pics from my phone for the travel blog I wrote. I hope you find these feeble excuses acceptable. I have a million billion things planned for our KB.eats for the New Year, so I will be making up for lost time. I feel like this is gonna end up being a rather lengthy post. I have so much to say to y'all! First off, if you want to read in detail about my trip to Peru, check out my travel blog here. I am obviously going to tell you a bit about it now, but my focus will mainly be on the food. Obvz. For those of you who are friends with me on facebook, there's a 376 photo album waiting for you to peruse. HA I totally didn't even to use a pun there. I just use them so much now they come out without me even having to consciously think about it.

Darkest Peru

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

I'm off to Peru today! That unfortunately means you're going to be without any new recipes from me for at least 6 weeks. Crickey. That's a long time isn't it! Don't you worry though, I will endeavour to share pictures with you as often as I can. Whilst I am in Peru, I will be volunteering at school for kids with special needs for 4 weeks. The company, Projects Abroad, who organise the voluntary work, have provided me with a blog through which to share my ramblings with all of y'all, so once I've got that all set up and running I will send you a link! Following my voluntary work I will be exploring Cusco and the surrounding area for a bit, yes, that means I will be going on an Inca Trail and seeing Macchu Picchu! How exciting :)  I will be staying with a host family so that means I will be well and truly immersed in the Peruvian culture, most importantly I'll get to try proper Peruvian food! I have heard they eat a lot of quinoa! I need to go check my bag is already so I must dash!
Until we speak again....
KB x

Cardamom & Chocolate Cheesecake

Sunday, 19 October 2014

As you may have noticed I've still not got round to posting any Indian recipes. I've dabbled with introducing Indian spices to my baking before (see Winter Spice & Apple Cinnamon Rolls) and I want to start doing it a lot more. I have had this cheesecake recipe under my belt for a while now but have never found an opportune moment to share it with you. Finally the moment has arrived. It's Diwali! Now for those of you who don't know, Diwali is the Hindu "festival of light". The literal meaning of the word Diwali is row of lamps.

Apple & Blackberry Marscapone Tart

Saturday, 18 October 2014

In the strange old world of the internet, it is a well known fact that people can be mean. Whether it's a particularly aggressive youtube commenter or an opinionated butt on twitter, keyboard warriors are hard to avoid! However, there is also a corner of the internet full of nice people who are just going about doing their thang, not wanting to cause offence to anyone. These are the nice people who you can end up forming some sort of social media based friendship with! I've made myself a lovely internet pal, Juliet, who runs Juliet Oscar Yankee; "The magazine for grown up children". 

Pistachio & Cherry Tiffin

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

I am not one of those people who craves chocolate a lot. In fact I could easily give up chocolate. Cheese is my thang. If I were to have to choose between giving up chocolate or cheese I would 110% give up chocolate. Think of all the things you couldn't have without cheese. I mean PIZZA. Come on! When it comes to sweet treats I would much rather have something fruity than chocolatey. Call me crazy but that's just the way I roll (sunglasses emoji). Having said that, there are the odd occasions when I do fancy a bitta chocolate. On one of those such occasions I decided I wanted to make Chocolate Tiffin or Refrigerator Cake, which ever you prefer. I wanted to jazz them up a bit hence the pistachio and cherries. Such a winning combination. And I am not saying "winning" in that really annoying Charlie Sheen way. You can add that to the never ending list of words and phrases I loathe.

Bircher Muesli

Thursday, 2 October 2014

My goodness, once again it has been a while. What excuse have I got for you this time then eh? Weeeeell I have been holidaying in Singapore and Borneo (insert monkey covering eyes emoji here). I can't even bring myself to apologise. Not sure who I'd be apologising to anyways. At the rate I've been going, I've probably lost any regular readership I did have (insert pained expression emoji here). I hope that my mother at least is still reading this. I know I've got some work to do to win you back, and win you back I shall! Yesterday I tried out two recipes, one of which I am sharing with you now, and today I have two more lined up. I can only hope my efforts are sufficient, and your affection is once again mine. Enough grovelling. Let me tell you a bit more about my holidays :)

Veg & Halloumi Skewers w/ Mexican Marinade

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Remember when I went to Glastonbury and I said it was the best festival ever. I may have to retract my statement. I went to Green Man Festival last weekend and my opinion has changed. It was magical. The best festival I have been to hands down. It was so super chilled out. I can only describe it in short sentences. In fact my words will not do it justice at all! It had the same sort of happy atmosphere as Glastonbury but on a much smaller scale. No having to rush from one tent to another because they were all so close. No big crowds to push your way through. And the weather! We were so darn lucky. It was forecast to rain everyday but all we got was a few little drizzles. It was glorious! I am currently listening to Tom Ravenscroft radio show live from Green Man on 6music and a woman on it just said "It's a dream". I couldn't've said it better myself!

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